A World Without Robin Hood
Sherwood Dungeon Review by MMORPG Examiner

October 1, 2010

Although a few months ago, Love was a big buzzword in the world of MMOs because of its one-man development team, the small team, independent MMO is nothing new in the world of online multiplayer gaming. Neverdaunt 8bit has also been around for a while, and standing longer than both of these games is Sherwood Dungeon, a game that has passed its sixth year in May. Sherwood Dungeon began as a hobby creation of Gene Endrody, but has evolved to a game that has gained a million monthly visitors and a cult-like following. . . .
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2Old2Play.com - Sherwood Dungeon Review

July 12,2010

If you�re anything like me then you have the preconceived notion that browser-based games are nothing more than a fun distraction for a few minutes. When I volunteered to review Sherwood Dungeon I thought that I would be playing some simple, 2D, text-based online RPG. I was very, very wrong. . .
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MMOGames.com - IN CASE YOU MISSED IT : Sherwood Dungeon Review

July 9,2010

Sherwood Dungeon, a 3D action-orientated browser MMORPG developed by Maid Marian Entertainment, is a game unlike any other you�ll likely have ever played. I know, I know. You�ve heard it all before. Hell, there�s a good chance you�ve heard it all from me. This time, it�s different. I swear. . .
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IGN.com - Sherwood Dungeon The MMO Made by One Man. 

May 26,2010

Ever have a friend who made his own game? Pretty impressive, right? What about a friend who made his own MMO? Well, a game called Sherwood Dungeon has just passed its sixth anniversary. It has had over a million players and was whipped together by a single guy. . .
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Ten Ton Hammer.com 
Exclusive Interview With Creator of Sherwood Dungeon

November 2, 2010

Have you ever wanted to make your own MMOG? Have you ever thought if only you knew how to code you would make an MMOG that rocks? Few of us really think we could do something like that on our own. Well for the past 6 years, Gene Endrody has done exactly that! He has painstakingly single handedly created his own free to play MMOG called Sherwood Dungeon. Growing to over 1 million unique players per month, Gene has shown how far one man with a dream and a little know how can climb. Ten Ton Hammer recently sat down with Gene to discuss the success of Sherwood Dungeon.
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RPG Fanatic: You Tube Sherwood Dungeon Video Game Review

October 3, 2010

RPG Fanatic's You Tube video review of Sherwood Dungeon
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Aussie-Gamer.com Interview - Gene Endrody

November 2, 2010

Aussie-Gamer.com recently had the chance to catch up with the one-man team behind the browser based MMORPG, Sherwood Dungeon. Gene Endrody takes care of the development, updates, graphics and servers for the game, and we wanted to find out exactly what he was thinking! Read on below to find out!
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Free MMO Station.com - Sherwood Dungeon : Exclusive Interview

December 18, 2010

Sherwood Dungeon is a free browser MMO that started as an experimental project in 2003 and slowly but surely evolved into one of the most cherished games of its genre. FreeMMOStation.com spoke with the maker - yes, just one - of Sherwood Dungeon. Read on to learn about the creation and evolution of this MMO. . .
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Examiner.com - Behind Sherwood Dungeon
An interview with Gene Endrody

October 4, 2010

Last Friday, Examiner took an in-depth look at Sherwood Dungeon, a free-to-play, browser-based game produced by Gene Endrody. The unique game lets heroes delve into mysterious locations and a deep dungeon, quest, and even PvP. We talked with Gene to get further insight into Sherwood Dungeon's creation, development, and unique perspective in the world of online gaming. . .
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OnRPG.com Sherwood Dungeon Interview:
Six Years And Still Going

August 18,2010

Sherwood Dungeon is one of those rare MMOs which survived in a very competitive market. Operating for six years is no mean feat for any game and Sherwood Dungeon has proven that it can be done. We here at OnRPG were given a chance to talk with Gene Endrody and to get to know the creator and the game more closely. . .
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Sherwood Dungeon Celebrates Six Years of MMO Freedom

May 18,2010

Massive multiplayer world create by one-person team rewards more than one million players with new Prophecy of Bane quest series.
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RPG Vault Focus: Browser-Based MMOGs

June 18,2008

Although a few massively multiplayer titles receive the majority of exposure in game publications, the category as a whole is far larger than many of us might think. We may know there are now lots of downloadable free to play options. However, we're less likely to be aware that many browser-based choices are also available, or to know they can attract considerable numbers of users. For example, Maid Marian Entertainment's Shockwave-based Sherwood Dungeon has over 1.5 million accounts. Gene Endrody was kind enough to provide these expert insights on the sector in which his tiny company competes, apparently quite successfully.
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Worlds In Motion reviews Sherwood Dungeon

July 27,2007

I was lucky enought to meet Leigh Alexander, the organizer of the World's in Motion Summit at GDC 2007. This is her review of Sherwood Dungeon.
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Adobe releases case study on Maid Marian Entertainment

Adobe featured Sherwood and MaidMarian.com in a prominent Showcase and Case Study for Adobe Director users. Have a look.
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Wired, Escapist, Gamasutra and The Forge:
Sherwood News from around the Web

A flurry of articles on Sherwood came out in June 2007 after Adobe's case study on MaidMarian.com. Here is a selection from Wired Game Life, Matt Mihaly's The Forge, Gamasutra and the Escapist.
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How one man made an MMO, An interview with Gene Endrody

January 13, 2007

This is an interview of Gene Endrody, the creator of Sherwood Dungeon, by Hanford Lemoore and goes into some of the technical details, inspiration and history behind the game.
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Sherwood Dungeon wins two PopVox Awards VIDFEST starts with a Bang

This is a recap of the days events when we took home two Pop Vox awards at New Media BC's Vidfest 2007. We won for Best Game and Best of British Columbia, while competing against some of the largest video game companies in the world.
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Georgia Straight:
Vancouver designer makes flashy low-work, high-yield games 

December 27,2008

This is an article on MaidMarian.com by Blaine Kyllo that appeared in Vancouver's Georgia Straight and Calgary's News & Entertainment Weekly.
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