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Play Sherwood Dungeon MMORPGFree MMORPG 
Sherwood Dungeon

Welcome to the Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG, a massive multiplayer online role playing game where you defend your honor in combat with players from around the world. Sherwood features an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters.

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Get Shockwave Player Sherwood Dungeon requires Shockwave.
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Logging into the Game
Sherwood Dungeon does not require you to sign up for an account. From the login screen, enter the name you would like in the game world where it says "Player Name" and press the Login button. For privacy, don't use your real name or email address and don't give any other players personal information during the game, even if they claim to be staff. We never ask for personal information. Please read the Rules of Conduct for additional information regarding privacy and safety.  

Sherwood uses keyboard controls for navigation, combat and chatting with other players. The left mouse button is used for all other user interface functions, like setting up your equipment or managing your inventory. Drag the right mouse button to orbit the camera around your character and look around the world.

Moving and Attacking
Use the <Arrow Keys> to move your character around the world. Hold down the control key <CTRL> to Attack with your weapon. You'll continue to attack for as long as the <CTRL> key is pressed. 

Blocking Attacks
Holding down <Ctrl> and <Shift> at the same time will allow you to block attacks from monsters or other players. If you block an attack successfully, your next attack will do double damage. Block two attacks in a row and your next attack will do triple damage. Good timing is required to block effectively so practice this move.

Chatting with Other Players
To talk to other players, type what you want to say into the chat console and press <Return> or <Enter> to send. Your message will be sent to all the other players in the area and appear in their chat console. Remember, don't tell anyone private information. 

You can dance by holding down <Up Arrow> and <Down Arrow> at the same time.

After first logging into Sherwood, the game automatically takes you to the Castle level. Once you cross the bridge into Sherwood Castle, there's a Keep to the left containing the entrance to the dungeon and two NPCs (Non-Playing Characters). The NPC in the purple tunic by the dungeon entrance is named "Lady Marian". Lady Marian can give you quests to complete in the dungeon for rewards of special weapons, shields or helmets. Just walk up to Lady Marian and click on her to receive a quest. The mouse pointer will indicate "Click to Talk" when your mouse pointer is over Lady Marian and you are close enough.

The Merchant Store
If you go up the ramp in the Keep, above the Dungeon entrance, there's a Merchant in a purple tunic. Clicking on him will bring up a Merchant screen where you can shop for new items and sell your old items. Your character starts with 16 gold coins, but more is available in the dungeon by searching the chests and barrels. Remember, you can also sell items you collect in the dungeon for gold as well. 

Combat with Monsters
To attack, run up to the monster and start swinging your weapon with the <CTRL> key. There's a health bar in the upper left corner of the screen. If this reaches zero, your character will die and respawn on the same level automatically. Your character regenerates health over time automatically and health potions are available in the dungeon chests and barrels. Potions will heal you up to 50% of your maximum health but only work in the dungeon (not in the Castle Level).

Combat with Players (PVP)
The game lets you attack players with different color tunics in designated areas of the Castle Level. If a player is attacking you inside the dungeon or Castle Keep it has no effect, so don't worry. You can change your tunic color at any time by clicking on the health bar to bring up your Character Stats. At the bottom of the Character Stats screen, click where it indicates color. Four tunic colors are available so players can divide into teams for large scale battles.

Experience and XP Level
The deeper you go in the dungeon, the tougher the monsters get. The dungeon is really, really deep in fact that no player has ever reached the bottom. If you succeed in defeating a monster, you get an experience point for every point of damage you inflicted on the monster. Bonus experience is available by completing quests. Once you gets enough experience points, you will advance to the next XP Level. This will improve your health and give you access to better weapons and equipment. The Character Stats Screen (available by clicking on the health bar) shows your current XP Level, Experience and points required to get to the next level. 

Boss Monsters
Once you reach Dungeon Level 5, Skeleton Warrior Bosses start appearing in the dungeon. The last know location for the boss monster is indicated on your map with a purple dot (regular monsters appear with a grey dot). These Skeletal Warriors have three times the health of regular monsters, so bring a friend to help. Learn to block effectively if you want to defeat a boss by yourself. They're worth tons of experience points!

There are four additional islands to explore in Sherwood that you can teleport to by using the portals in the Castle Keep and on the two small towers. The monsters in these lands can be tough to defeat if you are not yet at the required XP Level. The portal to Haunted Palm Island (Level 5 area) is in the Castle Keep to the left of the Dungeon entrance. Use the portal to the right of the Dungeon entrance to get to Frost Bite Island (Level 10 area). Portals to Lost Lagoon Island (Level 20 area) and Ancient Sherwood (Level 30 area) are accessed at the top of the two smaller towers.

Play Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG Thanks for playing Sherwood Dungeon.
 Let the adventures begin!

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